The First Membership Meeting will be held on October 24th

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Nearly a year ago we ventured out to find a business model that fits the open-source ethos of decentralization and autonomous organization. That birthed the idea of doing a technology cooperative in which the members will govern the direction of the protocol, organization and it’s people. At the onset of the new year, The RChain Cooperative was formed.

With the successful closing of the membership private token sale and registration open for co-op membership, we are all set for the first ever members’ meeting which will be held on October 24th at the Washington Hall in our hometown of Seattle.

The night before, on the 23rd, Greg and friends will be performing live music at the Finklestein Castle House so if you are in town please join the cooperative in celebration for a triumphant year. here is the link to the evite

If you are a member of The RChain Cooperative and plan on attending the meeting in person please RSVP at

If you are not yet a member and would like to be, you can sign up through

If you are a member and believe that you would serve the cooperative well on a committee for Executive decisions, Governance, and Compensation then please declare your interest through this committee form.

Executive Committee: [Proposed Chair: Evan]

The role of the Executive Committee is to implement the Board’s fiduciary, strategic, and generative plans, policies, and decisions consistent with the Cooperative’s vision, mission, and guiding principles.

Nominating and Governance Committee: [Proposed Chair: Greg]

Identification and selection of directors, officers, and other important roles in the Cooperative, subject to Board approval. Oversee selection of Executive Committee general membership.

Compensation Committee: [Proposed Chair: Kenny]

Draft and negotiate compensation packages for directors, officers, and other important roles in the Cooperative. The compensation committee is solely responsible for director compensation. All other compensation packages are subject to Board approval (i.e. officers, other roles).

Currently the agenda includes the voting on:.

  • The full 9 seats for Board of Directors
  • Committee members
  • RHOC circulation for 2018
  • Whether or not to sell RHOC to non-members
  • Whether or not to lock up existing RHOCs until the Mercury platform release
  • The process and timing for the RHOC to REV conversion
  • Whether or not to do a RHOC or REV Airdrop
  • The multiple staking tokens debate
  • Membership questions/proposals

Proposals for more agenda items can be created as issues within but note that the finalization of agenda items will happen early next week.

Please also note that the confirmation of votes will not be immediate but you can expect an announcement within one week of the voting. There is a time buffer in order to account for the time it will take to tally up electronic and paper voting.

Be sure to join us this wednesday for the last debriefing before our members meeting in order to clarify any lingering questions and concerns. If you cannot attend you can always watch the recording afterwards or reach out to us through the members discord or the public slack,


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