Welcome Kenny Rowe!

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As the cooperative’s organization has expanded the board and executive team created a mandate for a COO. We are elated to announce the latest addition to the team, Kenny Rowe, as Chief Operations Officer. Kenny is a co-founder of the MakerDAO project, long-time influencer in the crypto-community and friend of RChain for some time now.

The work that Kenny has done while leading operations of MakerDAO team and their stablecoin project has set the standard for what sustainable governance process’ look like within distributed organizations. He also advises the Aragon project and has gained a lot through engageing with there DAO-building project.

Kenny will now take this expertise and apply it to the organizational model that is the RChain Cooperative in order to help synchronize the legal structure, the community-governance process’ and the blockchain enabled applications that are unique to this model.

To help better understand Kenny’s perspectives, we asked him a few questions.

Q: “What excites you most about the RChain Cooperative?”

A: “RChain cooperative is an interesting solution to the governance problem of blockchain technology. I believe there are lessons to be learned from previous forms of governance, and a cooperative model could be especially effective in this regard. The fact that every member has a voice and is in alignment is very important.”

Q: “Which areas do you see that the RChain Cooperative has room to expand upon?”

A: I think RChain has a difficult challenge ahead. It will not be easy to create a scalable blockchain to serve the needs of the world. It will take the best efforts of many people to make this dream a reality. However, I think RChain is uniquely positioned to address these challenges and truly transform how the world works.

Q: “What excites you most about Dia’s applications in the world?”

A: I think crypto currency is the best form of money humanity has yet invented. However, it can be even better if the value remained stable. With a stable value all kinds of new use cases open up, from more efficient predictions markets, global trade settlements, to an inflation resistant form of savings.

Welcoming only Kenny would be unfair. RChain’s team is growing rapidly.

Although we are particularly excited about how Kenny will add value to the project, we are equally as enthused for all of the activist contributions as well as new additions to the RChain Cooperative team.

Alex Bulkin, co-founder of Coinfund has been one of the most diligent and highly detail oriented advisors of the project, which has been truly invaluable. It is through his unrelenting questioning of the technical details within the mobile process calculi approach to the RChain architecture that the models have condensed to the point that they are today. Just like a sword forged in extreme heat, RChain’s approach has sharpened to a point that we can equip our inspired developer team with bold confidence in their abilities to deliver. Alex is now focused on RhoLang materials for coding wallets, token contracts and other smart contracts applications. He has also started an article series, presenting his diligence on the project in an easier-to-digest form for interested developers.

The first article has been published to coinfunds blog, RChain series: Introduction.

Our growing developer team is being managed by the Pyrofex founders Mike Stay and Nash Foster and has expanded significantly. The breadth and depth of our dev core is a topic for its own article, but you can engage with the group on github and during the Wednesday debriefs to see first hand the demonstrations and discussions being had around RChain, Rholang, Casper and the DApps to come. Pyrofex team member Medha Parlikar has come on board as a project manager for milestones leading up the RChain Mercury Release.

Lisa Rice has joined the cooperative as well as the acting Chief Financial Officer. Lisa was introduced to the broader team during our latest hangout sharing her review of the current financial forecasts. We cannot thank her enough for the work she has already done, and will continue to do. Crypto finances are complex and it’s still an emerging field, Lisa will set the model for all finance professionals to come.

Lawrence I Lerner brings a wealth of knowledge and executive credentials to the marketing leadership team. He serves both the RChain Cooperative, as well as the RChain Holdings company in order to prepare for a very active 2018. In 2018 RChain will deliver Mercury platform [production] release, the developer toolset, wallet app and at least one more DApp; all of which Lawrence is playing a large part in. Lawrence is keen on growing the RChain project’s reputation to meet deadlines have reliable project leadership and deliver product, which has been an issue for other projects in the space, especially when seeking industry partnerships.

”RChain’s key differentiator is that we meet our committed dates, deliverables with quality and reliability.“ — Lawrence

Evan Jensen, who was one of the original Board of Directors, and here since RChain’s inception is now officially the General Counsel. Evan is General Counsel for both RChain Cooperative and the RChain Holdings Company. Evan, along with a group of outside counsel have made a hero’s effort in preparing for the cooperative membership onboarding process, applying for and receiving all of the necessary exemptions and documentation for each of the 50 States. Once that paperwork is finalized the RChain Cooperative will be ready to accept the inaugural memberships shortly

Finally, a special thanks to the enormous activist effort that has taken RChain to this point, including but not limited to help from Ian, HJ, Christian, Patrick, Nathan, Jim, Leah, Kit, Gary, Kevin, Jacob, Glenn, Danny and so many more.

We are truly excited to continue growing this organization and delivering the Mercury release for the RChain platform next year.

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