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  • RCon3是9月3日至6日。如果您使用ETH付款,您可以获得约50%的折扣。RCon3节目已更新,Adrian Belew Trio的音乐会已添加到日程表中。
  • 星期二节点测试会议进展顺利,RNode 0.6正在最终确定。
  • 开发团队正在使用不同的方法来应对将音乐放在区块链上的挑战,这使得流媒体服务能够为艺术家提供公平的补偿,并允许使用普通耳机或耳塞进行身临其境的音乐体验。
  • 希望帮助验证网络的个人或公司现在可以注册他们的兴趣并获得有关硬件配置计划的帮助。法律文件和合同正在最后定稿。
  • Greg讨论了H3Uni研讨会的初步成果,并回顾了多层RChain愿景,从重新启动协调技术的高层愿景开始。







本周推荐阅读:  Rchain标准共识评级





  • Medha
    • Final push to Node 6 release.  Team is focusing on stability, performance and robustness of the system.
    • Bugs are the highest priority for resolution.
    • I need to do triage to check for duplicates and set priority.  If you come across a bug and want to file it, please check that no one else has reported the issue: Dashboard
    • Sharding and Economics are not ready, these will be part of Node 7(分片和经济模型还没有准备好,这些将成为Node 7的一部分
    • )
    • Great progress during node testing this week.  We had 32 peers connected, 60 attendees on the call.
  • Rholang team:
    • Output of ETH script to scrape RHOC balances provided for internal review.  We will be demonstrating the RHOC/Rev swap as part of test net launch.
    • Registry is in implementation.  We will support UUID's and public keys only.
    • Plan on compressing block data before sending (helps with 4 MB protobuf limitation)
    • Block approval protocol for genesis block is in progress, expect completion this week.
    • API to fetch data complete
    • Fixed RHOL-591 - untraced comm event, confirmed the issue is fixed.
    • Cross Shard contracts in review.  These contracts are still unfinished.
    • Unbonding contract in review.
    • Implementing Error handling in Casper.
  • Storage/Node team:
    • Keith and Alex joined the Node team this sprint.
    • Discovered 4 MB limit in gRPC when showing blocks.  Node team is investigating
    • Performance harness complete.  Medha to perform UAT on the system.
    • Created Thin gRPC client in Scala for gatling which will be faster and thinner than the rNode client done, for performance testing.
    • New communications layer is working, tested during the node-testing session.
    • Issues discovered around system shutdown, these are being investigated.
    • Building gRPC Client API for client data retrieval
    • Building bootstrap node monitoring and paging system.
    • Improving memory monitoring metrics.
  • Roscala:
    • Discovered an issue with non-deterministic behavior inherent in the parallelism.  The wait quiescent function which we thought we could use it to wait- but it turned out that the fork-join pool framework in Java doesn't really support that.  A solution has been identified, Alex has worked around it.  Fix is on its way.  There is some clean up of the code that needs to happen first.
      • Clean up of the code & implementation for the fix is still in progress.  ETA end of week.
  • Website - https://developer.rchain.coop
    • This is the best place to get started working with the RChain software.
    • RHOC holders should sign up to receive updates when https://developer.rchain.coop/token-swap updates. This is the official and only place announcements where information about REV issuance will be published. Sign up to receive an email when the page updates.
  • Validators
    • Interested in being a validator? Please register your interest at https://developer.rchain.coop. With this registration you will receive technical updates and personal invitations events between now and launch of main net.
  • RCon3



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